Post Show Esri EMEA Sales and Marketing Exchange Meeting 2014

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    The Esri EMEA Utilities Sales and Marketing Exchange Meeting was held in Lisbon, Portugal May 6 & 7. This was an event that was planned by Chrystelle Ourzik from Esri EMEA, it was hosted by Esri Portugal, and was sponsored by Schneider Electric. Overall, there were about 25+ attendees and the objectives of the event are: 1) Esri provides sales messaging (distributors only), 2) Esri BPs who have utility solutions can share technology updates and strategies with Esri distributors, 3) it is a networking forum.



    Esri France is a reseller of our weather services, and this event was a great opportunity to discuss how Schneider Electric offers additional collaboration opportunities outside of the ArcFM Solution. Esri Portugal, Esri UK, and Esri Italia all demonstrated immediate interest and I am working to schedule follow up meetings ASAP. Esri Portugal and Esri Nederland, both of which are not current partners, expressed interest in Fiber Manager and Orbit.



    Our presentation was focused on a high-level technology update, a discussion on "analytical" tools within ArcFM, GIS and Weather tools (adopted from Don Lecik's and Matt Zimmerman's Link presentation), and other Schneider Electric opportunities.