Solution - ArcFM - Running a Python script in an unupgraded ArcFM geodatabase fails

Version 3



    Running a Python script which contains an ArcPy operation from the command line throws the following error:

    log4net:ERROR XmlHierarchyConfigurator: Could not create Appender [MinerEventLog Appender] of type [Miner.EventLogAppender, Miner.System, Version=, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=196beceb052ed5dc].

    Running the Python script within ArcMap or ArcCatalog is successful. The geodatabase used contains no ArcFM feature types, just the ArcFM system tables.



    The command-line version of the ArcPy command runs a full-table query against the geodatabase, whereupon it will discover the ArcFM system tables. The tables themselves are ArcFM object types and thus will have ArcFM properties assigned to them, such as the ARCFMSYSTEMTABLE model name. If these tables are existent but the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Geodatabase command has not been run, any attempt to gather information on their ArcFM properties during the python script will fail.



    There are two options available to resolve the issue:

    1. Perform the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Geodatabase task against the database being worked on. This will finish populating the tables with the information needed to properly describe the tables' ArcFM properties.
    2. Delete the ArcFM system tables from the geodatabase if they are not needed. With no ArcFM object types left in the database there will be no need to gather ArcFM properties on those tables.