Getting Started - Using the Advanced Case View

Version 1

    The Advanced Case View allows you to view support case details in a variety of ways. The following information covers the basics of using the Advanced Case View, enhancing the way you view your support case history.


    • Adding Filters
    • Removing Filters
    • Sorting Columns
    • Changing Column Order
    • Hiding a column
    • Unhiding a column


    Adding Filters

    One way to add a filter is to click any item in the view you wish to filter on. Doing so presents a list with options for Filter by this to display only content containing this value or Filter by everything except this to filter cases with this value out.


    Your new filter will appear at the top of the Advanced Case View




    Removing Filters

    To remove filters from the current view, simply click the remove option next to each specific filter option you wish to delete.




    Sorting Columns

    The Advanced Case View also allows you to sort content using any of the available columns. To sort a column, simply click the title of the column and choose Sort.


    Changing Column Order

    To further customize your view, you can also change the order of the columns listed. To change the column order click the title of the column you wish to move to display the pop-up options panel. In this panel, you will see single and double arrows at the bottom of that dialog box pointing both left and right.


    The single arrows move the column one column to either the left or right. The double arrows will move the column to the beginning or end of the list.


    Hiding a Column

    Another way to customize the Advanced Case View is to hide unwanted columns. Clicking the column name will again display an options dialog box. In the list of options provided simply click the Hide option to remove the column from your view.


    Unhiding a Column

    If you wish to retrieve a previously hidden column, first expand any row in your list by clicking the gear icon on the left side of the page and choose Expand.


    This will now show details of the case in the row. At the top of the expanded case you will also see a list of any hidden column. Click the title of the hidden column and choose Show from the list of available options.