Presentation - Link 2014 - ArcGIS for Electric/Gas and ArcFM: Better Together

Version 1

    Esri's ArcGIS for Electric and ArcGIS for Gas work together with ArcFM to extend the value of GIS to your organization. ArcGIS for Electric and ArcGIS for Gas provide a model ArcGIS Online organization as well as template maps and apps so you can securely share your ArcFM data and use it to power apps that solve specific utility problems. ArcGIS for Electric/Gas and ArcFM work together to improve data quality, response to major outages, communication with customers and more. Join this session to learn how ArcFM and ArcGIS for electric and gas streamlines the deployment of maps and apps for Asset Management, Storm Management, and Employee Safety.

    Patrick Dolan, Danny Petrecca, Bill Meehan