Solution - ArcFM 10.2.1 - Autoupdaters ArcFM Current Date and User Name  show as UNREGISTERED PROGRAM!

Version 7



    Instead of seeing ArcFM User Name or ArcFM Current Date autoupdaters assigned to a given field, UNREGISTERED PROGRAM! shows up instead.



    With Minerville sample data and most customer data, fields such as DATECREATED have the AU ArcFM Current Date assigned. CREATIONUSER field would typically have ArcFM User Name AU assigned. The following shows the Field Info tab from ArcFM Properties Manager for the PriOHElectricLineSegment feature class.

    The DATECREATED field is highlighted to show the Field Properties. Note the On Feature Create field property has the ArcFM Current Date AU assigned.



    The same Feature Class after applying patch 591 to a build. The On Feature Create field property for DATECREATED now shows UNREGISTERED PROGRAM!





    Applying patch 590 or higher with ArcFM 10.2.1 build version 575.



    Uninstall ArcFM then install ArcFM Build 588 is available from here: ArcFM Solution Desktop 10.2.1

    This will allow the newer patches to be installed without errors.


    If you have ArcFM Desktop with Designer or Geodatabase Manager, please see this important customer notice: Client Action Needed for 10.2.1


    Verifying ArcFM build version

    From the Windows Control Panel display the list of installed programs from Programs and Features (Windows 7). Select the link (upper left) for View installed updates.


    The above example shows ArcFM Desktop 10.2.1 with build 588, and patch #591 installed.