How-To - ArcFM - Abandon to Feature Class or Abandon and Remove to Feature Class with the ArcFM Attribute Editor

Version 12

    The following is an example of configuring a feature class (FC) to abandon to another FC, then doing the abandon from the ArcFM Attribute Editor. This covers the Abandon to Feature Class option in ArcFM but the Abandon and Remove to Feature Class is the same except for the source & destination model names (see Configuration Question #1 below).

    The Abandon to Feature Class deletes the feature abandoned from the source FC and creates a record in the abandoned FC. If more than one feature is abandoned, each record in the source FC is deleted and "moved" to the destination FC. The abandoned feature object id does not stay the same when it moves so its more accurately described as a delete then create new record between the feature classes.

    Abandoning with the ArcFM Attribute Editor is limited to one feature at a time. To abandon more than one at a time use the ArcFM Abandon Tools toolbar.

    ArcFM version: 10.2.x

    Data: Minerville 10.2.x sample data using the ElectricDataSet

    Source FC: PriUGElectricLineSegment (alias Primary Underground Electric Line Segment)

    Destination FC: AbandonedUGElectLine (alias Abandoned UG Electric Line), also known as the Abandoned FC. This FC needs to be created.


    After completing the configuration steps, I'll demonstrate how to abandon an electric line segment using the ArcFM Attribute Editor.



    An Abandoned (aka destination) FC is created and fields imported from the source feature class. Abandon field model names created in the electric domain are then assigned to the fields in both the source and destination FC. Model name MMABANDONED is assigned to the Abandoned FC. MMABANDONABLE is assigned to the source FC. On the Abandon Info tab of the source FC the Abandon To is set to the Abandoned (destination) FC.



    1. In the ElectricDataSet create a new feature class AbandonedUGElectLine as an ArcFM Line feature. Use the IMPORT button to import all fields from the PriUGElectricLineSegment FC.

    2. For attributes in the source FC to include in the destination FC, create a abandon field model name for it in the Electric Field Domain. Prefix the abandon field model names with AT_.  For this example 4 field attributes are chosen: MEASUREDLENGTH, NEUTRALMATERIAL, BACKFILLMATERIAL, BURIEDDEPTH.

    a) Right-click on the database name & select Properties, then Domain tab. Scroll down to the Electric Field Model Name domain.

    Note: In the Minerville sample data you'll see pre-existing abandon field model names like AT_ConductorMaterial and AT_ConductorSize.

    b) Add coded values AT_MeasuredLength, AT_NeutralMaterial, AT_BackFillMaterial, AT_BuriedDepth if they do not already exist.

    The folllowing steps are done from ArcFM Properties Manager

    3. In AbandonedUGElectLine from the Field Model Name tab assign the 4 abandon field model names to their corresponding fields. Assign the same 4 abandon field model names to the appropriate fields in the PriUGElectricLineSegment FC. For example field MeasuredLength would be assigned the AT_MeasuredLength field model name.

    4. In AbandonedUGElectLine from the Model Name tab assign the model name MMABANDONED.

    5. In PriUGElectricLineSegment from  Model Name tab assign model name MMABANDONABLE.

    6. In PriUGElectricLineSegment from Abandon Info tab set the Abandon To drop-down list to Abandoned UG Electric Line.


    Doing the Abandon to Feature Class

    Prerequisite: All the Abandon configuration steps in ArcCatalog are completed.


    1. Open ArcMap & open the desired Stored Display or Map. If you use ArcFM Session Manager or ArcFM WorkFlow Manager, follow your normal process to edit.

    2. Display the ArcFM Abandon Tools toolbar. The ArcFM Attribute Editor should also be open..

    3. From Edit mode click on ArcFM Abandon Tool Options. This is greyed out if not in edit mode.

    4. From the first section (Abandon) check Primary Underground Electric Line Segment. Set Trim distance to 5. Set Feature count greater than = 5. Click OK.

    5. Select the feature to abandon. This should now be displayed in the ArcFM Attribute Editor (AE).

    6. From the AE right-click on the feature selected and chose Abandon.

    7. The Abandon operation executes. Save your edit to keep this change.


    Configuration questions

    Question 1: Abandon to Feature Class vs. Abandon and Remove to Feature Class...aren't they different? Doesn't "Remove" remove the feature?

    Answer 1: Despite their names the two options for abandoning to a feature class work exactly the same. Think of them as Abandon Method #1 and Abandon Method #2. With two ways to configure an abandon to feature class this means the same source feature class can be abandoned to either destination 1 or destination 2. It also means a feature class can be abandoned to a destination that is in turn a source to abandon to yet another feature class.

    To configure Abandon and Remove to Feature Class, assign model name MMRemoved to the destination FC and MMRemovable to the source FC.

    Question 2: Don't I need to ArcFMify the new abandon FC I created?

    Answer 2: No. Because the AbandonedUGElectLine was created as a ArcFM feature, this makes it ArcFMified.

    Question 3: Why import all the fields from the source FC to the Destination FC when only 4 attributes were wanted?

    Answer 3: The Esri IMPORT button doesn't provide the option to selectively import fields. So the choices are (1) manually delete each undesired field before clicking IMPORT, (2) import all fields or (3) manually add fields & field type to the destination FC. If you manually add the fields the field types must match the data types from the source FC.


    Question 4: The instructions say to assign the AT_xxxx field model names to both the source & destination FC. Don't I just need to assign these field model names to the destination FC?

    Answer 4: No. The abandon field model names must be assigned to both the source FC and the destination FC for all attributes you want included in the abandon FC.

    Doing the Abandon questions


    Question 1: Didn't you forget to Cut and Trim?

    Answer 1: Using the Attribute Editor Abandon does not require doing a Cut and Trim but is limited to one feature at a time. Using ArcFM Abandon from the ArcFM Abandon Tools toolbar requires Cut and Trim - unless you want your entire network to be abandoned.

    To abandon a pipe feature requires using the Cut and Trim method.

    Question 2: Does the abandoned feature still show up in the Stored Display/map or is it removed?

    Answer 2: The abandoned feature appears in the Stored Display/map if the abandoned feature class is a layer and visible in ArcMap.

    Question 3: What determines which feature classes appear under the Abandon section of ArcFM Abandon Tool Options?

    Answer 3: Any feature class assigned the model name MMABANDONABLE shows up in ArcFM Abandon Tool Options under Abandon. See screenshot below.

    Question 4: Abandoning a network edge where its the last segment results in a orphan junction. It should not.

    Answer 4: Doing a ESRI Delete on the last segment of  network edge results in a orphan junction being created. This is normal ESRI behavior.