Post Show Esri Partner Conference

Version 2

    At the 2014 Esri Partner Conference we unveiled our new Partner Team strategy.  This Partner Team has been established to support all past and future commitments in regards to partner relations and sales enablement. In order to effectively meet these commitments our Partner Team is organized to provide focus on strengthening our relationships with domestic and international partners, as well as providing solution selling and sales enablement tools for all business partners. Our new Partner Team consists of the following personnel:


    Sean Graebner - Alliances Manager (international)

    Keith Hupperts - Offer Manager (sales enablement)

    Jessica Vendegna - Director of Sales Operations (domestic)


    The first step in our renewed commitment was the creation of Sales Engineer in a Box. At the EPC we distributed one 64GB USB flash drive to each official and active partner organization with a fully configured virtual machine (VM) with everything needed to support the sales of The ArcFM Solution. Thus far, a USB has been provided to the majority of our partners. If you have not received one yet, please contact Sean directly at:  You can expect Keith Hupperts to provide more sales enablement collateral and tools in exchange in the coming months. Keith will provide a timeline of his plans soon.


    We also discussed our plans to improve communication and collaboration with our various international business partners. One key aspect of this communication is the Annual Review Process that is outlined in our partner agreements. In the next month we will be developing a documented Annual Review Process that is to be executed annually prior to renewing partner fees. This Annual Review Process will include a market assessment, pipeline review, training, technical support metrics, and more. As soon as we have this prepared we will be sharing the details in the Partners space in exchange.


    Finally, at this conference we discussed the significant investment that our organization has put into building exchange. Todd Moran provided an updated on the usage of exchange and challenged you, our
    partners, to embrace this community forum. If you still have colleagues that are not aware of or using exchange, please take the time to share the URL and have them enroll today. exchange is our place for all things ArcFM, all things Support, and all things Partners.