Post Show DistribuTech 2014

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    DistribuTECH 2014 has come to a close and it was clearly a huge success for our organization. For those who have not attended this event, it is sort of the Super Bowl of Utility conferences where we get a chance to interact with hundreds of our customers. Attendance was very strong this year and the booth so consistently crowded. Schneider Electric has a lot of activity in the Utility space which makes it extremely difficult to pull off an event like this with a single binding comprehensive message. However, that is exactly what the team did. The “Control Center to Customer” message continues to resonate with the analysts, customers, and partners. 


    Our public announcement of our “bold utility expansion” got a lot of attention. The HR team walked away with a briefcase full of resumes for many qualified potential employees, and the external relations team had a near constant flow of interviews with analysts at the booth and in dedicated sessions. Jesse Berst (Author of Smart Grid News) made the comment that “what Schneider Electric has accomplished in the past year is really impressive.” Additionally, attendees were abuzz about SE's Arizona Public Service notification of award for their ADMS project. We received the call Monday regarding the notice of award prior to the show opening and by the time we opened our booth on show floor Tuesday, the market was very well aware of SE winning the biggest ADMS prize out there. One customer talked about about the SGIT technology superiority and the SE personnel who successfully represent it to the industry. A very proud moment for SE as the whole industry was anxiously watching this project, which is the largest in the current market to be done by a very well respected Investor Owned Utility in the US.


    From a sales perspective, we nearly hit our objectives on the first day. Booth demos were nearly constant with both presentation theaters in non-stop demo mode. It wasn’t unusual to see accounts spend over two hours in the booth at a time. Positive feedback from new opportunities include comments such as, "you presented the most impressive solution in the market". It is impossible to point out all the great things that went on this week, but everything from our unique booth with the giant utility pole constructed at its center, to our strong presentations and demonstrations, helped to further advance our market leadership position.


    We are very excited and looking forward to tremendous success in 2014!