FAQ - ArcFM - Changes to energizing point features in Feeder Manager 2.0

Version 4



    Are there any changes to how features are energized and fed from Feeder Manager 1.0 to Feeder Manager 2.0?




    Yes, point feature classes specifically have changed in how phase designation is handled on those features. Take for example this service point and its Feeder Manager Translator output:



    It is set to A phase and fed by A phase, so naturally it gets a FeederID for the feature. However, if we change it to B phase:



    It will retain the FeederID and energized phases. This is because at Feeder Manager 1.0 the energized phases and FeederID represent what is available AT the feature, not what is made available BY the feature. As such a feature with incorrect or missing phases listed will still show a FeederID because another conductor of the same type feeding it would still be energized with the listed FeederID and phases when added to that point, for example connecting another primary at another primary capped by a de-energized transformer.


    At Feeder Manager 2.0 however, this has changed. At Feeder Manager 2.0 the energized phases and FeederID now represent the state of the feature itself, not what other features that connect to its location may receive. For example, looking at our service point again:



    and when changing the phase:



    Keep this change in mind when moving to Feeder Manager 2.0. Conductors will still be fed through that point feature and energized as before, it is only the point feature itself which will have a different FeederID value than in Feeder Manager 1.0.