Upgrade to 10.2.1

Version 4

    In order to install ArcFM 10.2.1, you must first have installed and configured ArcFM 10.2.


    To upgrade to 10.2.1, simply run the relevant installer. The 10.2.1 release consisted of primarily performance and stability enhancements that do not require any configuration steps.


    Upgrade ArcFM Geodatabase

    Applies to: All geodatabases being upgraded.

    Upgrade your geodatabase before performing any other upgrade configurations. If you are skipping release versions (e.g., upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2.1), you must perform the upgrade steps for each release in between your original release and the one to which you're upgrading. The exceptions are the Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables and Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database tools. These need only be run once with each upgrade, regardless of whether you're skipping versions.

    1. Execute the Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables tool with each upgrade. The ArcFM System Tables must be located in the same schema as the SDE system tables. When running this tool, you must be connected to the geodatabase as the user who owns the .Default version. All other users must be disconnected from the database. Running this tool is required.
    2. Use the Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database button to update your geodatabase with modifications required by the latest release. This button remains enabled on the ArcFM Solution toolbar in ArcCatalog. You must be signed in as the owner of the business data to upgrade the database, and you must be connected to an editable version. This tool also requires that there be a single owner for all GIS tables.
    3. Optional. If you are running Terminal Services, it must be running in Install Mode.



    What's New

    This page describes the improvements added to the current release for all products in the ArcFM Solution suite.


    Migrate Custom Code

    This section provides a list of API changes for 10.2 and 10.2.1. Be sure to review the API changes and perform any migration steps for releases between your original version and the one to which you are upgrading.