What's New in 10.2.1?

Version 3

    This page outlines what's new in the current release. If you are upgrading from more than one release prior, it is important to review all What's New pages for each release between your original release and the release to which you are upgrading. If you're upgrading from 10.2, which is required for 10.2.1, review What's New in 10.2.


    The ArcFM Solution 10.2.1 release focused solely on performance and stability improvements. Bug fixes are described in the Read Me files.


    • We optimized the retrieval of settings from field manager, which affects many core ArcFM tools—including the Attribute Editor.
    • We corrected and improved methods for accessing feature classes and table classes within the geodatabase.
    • By delaying the initialization of unused ArcFM tools and commands, you'll experience faster startup times.
    • Opening a stored display is faster, especially while you're in an edit session.
    • We optimized Feeder Manager initialization.
    • For the sake of improving your experience with ArcFM, we added Application Metrics. This is an opt-in program that captures usage information.

    ArcFM Server

    • We're seeing a roughly 50 - 100% performance improvement in most ArcFM Server operations upgrading from 10.1 to 10.2.1.


    • Open Design
      • We removed unnecessary synchronization between a GU and its CU. Schneider Electric will provide a registry key for customers that edit feature-based CUs from a third-party WMS.
      • The initialization of the new CU library is now delayed until the CU Filter is first opened (instead of during design open).
      • CU referencing has moved to an administrative level only (via an ArcCatalog tool) or through administrative APIs.
      • We optimized the way Designer accesses and locates each design version.
    • CU Referencing
      • We improved the search mechanism used to locate CUs in the new CU library.
    • Save Design
      • By caching field settings such as field visibility, we reduced the number of calls to the geodatabase.
      • Via log4net, you can now elect to enable logging of Save Design metrics.
    • Designer CU to Work Location Assignment tool
      • While the tool is running, autoupdaters are now prevented from firing (similar to Feeder Manager).
      • We fixed unnecessary map and screen refreshes.
      • We reduced the number of calls to the geodatabase when obtaining fields and attributes.
    • Placing Template Favorites
      • We removed unnecessary map refreshes during each screen prompt and on placement of the first favorite.
      • We optimized the methods used to copy attributes during the placement of multiple features.
      • There are no longer any redundant calls to remove temporary graphics after feature placement.


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