Adjusting Your Email Preferences

Version 2

    I have had a few people ask me how to change the quantity and types of email they receive from exchange.  Emails are controlled under your Email Preferences, accessed as part of your profile. To access your preferences, select your name on the top bar, then scroll to Preferences in the list of options


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    Selecting Preferences displays the email preferences you can adjust.  Note that in the example the first INBOX activity is set to OFF. When ON the system sends you an email each time someone posts an update to an item in which you were previously @mentioned or in which you participated. This can get overwhelming, so we recommend setting this to "Off".


    The second INBOX activity is best set to ON so that you get an email each time someone @mentions you, shares content with you, or sends you a direct message in the community. This is really targeted activity that you'll want to know about!


    Finally a word about the Connections Stream setting.  When set to ON,  you will receive an email each time a followed person, place, or item posts an update in this stream. Those of you that are following @Becky Dozier (for example), will get an email whenever I have activity in the community. You might consider setting Connections Stream to OFF if you find these emails distracting. But setting to OFF disables updates regarding places and specific items you are following, so keep that in mind as you make adjustments to this setting.


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