Solution - ArcFM - ArcFM Software Not Releasing the License

Version 4



    Some customers have reported multiple licenses being used by one machine when they are individual user computers.  This can happen for all licenses and all types of ArcFM software including the Responder OMS software.  Although the ESRI software and the process_information tables report no users are connected to the geodatabase, the ArcFM License manager may still report that users are connected and consuming a license.





    In our testing, this can happen from an application crash that did not exit completely.  Multiple processes of ArcMap.exe or other processes may still be running on a user's machine even though only one application is visible to the user.  Each one of these could be consuming a license.




    One solution to this is to have the user check their Windows Task Manager and remove any orphaned tasks belonging to ESRI or ArcFM software.  This should release any additional licenses being consumed from the system caused by software that didn't close correctly.


    Please contact Schneider Electric Client Services if these steps do not alleviate the issue or you have more questions.