How-To - Responder- Increase Logging in Responder

Version 3



    Occasionally it may be necessary to increase the level of logging in Responder to  troubleshoot or monitor what Responder is currently processing. 


    Responder uses Log4Net for logging. It can be configured to set the logging level is and where it is recorded.  The common method of logging is to use the Miner Event Log. The steps below increase the logging to the Miner event log. 


    Each of the Responder configuration files have a <log4net> section.  Each appender has its own threshold that can be adjusted.  For the Miner event log, change the threshold to INFO as shown to increase logging.


    Web.config - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)_2013-12-23_11-15-49.png


    Next, change the <root> level of the Appender to adjust that level to match the highest entry for each of the appenders listed above it.


    Web.config - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)_2013-12-23_11-17-15.png


    These settings are updated in real-time so a restart is not necessary after saving the files.  This will substantially increase the amount of logging for Responder, so it is recommended to log what is requested, then turn the logging back down.  Increased logging may have a performance impact on Responder.