RTU Repairs

Version 7

    RTU stop working? Need repairs? Follow these three easy steps for repairs:

    1. Download and review our return services policies (attached)

    2. Download and complete our RMA form  (attached)

    3. Forward your completed RMA to our team at USUtilityQuotes@schneider-electric.com

    Do you have a part number and a serial number?

      SAGE RTU parts have a small rectangular white tag (see CPU, Baseboard tags below) with the part number that denotes the specifics for that RTU.

      The Serial number is six to eleven digit number found below the part number.

      Know as much as possible about the part and its function and our experienced personnel will assist you in obtaining the parts you need.

    Each part has a check-out cost

      Minimize repair cost by dis-assembling known good parts. (ie. take known good CPU off failed motherboard)