RTU Technical Support

Version 9

    Need help? Something not working as expected? Have a technical question about hardware or software?


    We have several support avenues for you!

    1. Try "Ask a Question" within the SAGE space, to see if someone in your community has experienced a similar problem


    12-5-2013 12-32-34 PM.png


    2. Contact us at sagertu_support@schneider-electric.com regarding hardware or software problems.

    3. Call our technical support phone number at: (713)920-6832.


    Save the configuration of the unit exhibiting the problem.

         It can be emailed to an engineer if needed to help troubleshoot the issue.


    Does the issue involves communication to another device?

         Get a “Data Trap” file from the RTU or use a test set or an application like “Wire Shark” to capture the “communications” between the devices.


    Know what firmware the unit in question is running.

         This can be found in the “CPU” block of the RTU configuration screen.