Solution - Responder - ArcMap Selections for Responder

Version 4



    Responder has several tools available inside of ArcMap and Responder Explorer that require the selection of a specific feature from ArcMap.  Sometimes, these features may not be snapping, or selectable when the user clicks on them.  There are a few reasons why the selection may not be working properly.  Users should check the solutions below to see if they may be causing the wrong selection.




    See the Solution section for causes and solutions.




    Responder uses model names to determine what features are usable in Responder.  Non-electric Responder tools will look for the RXINCIDENTFEATURE, while electric tools will look for the RXINCIDENTDEVICE model name.  Users should make sure any features they want present in Responder be assigned one, or both, of these model names.  The RXFACILITY model name should also be applied to any feature that has one of these applied.

    The tools will also comply with ArcMap settings concerning visibility and selection options.  You should ensure the feature is Selectable and Visible on the map for the Responder selection tools to find it.


    Lastly, Responder snapping uses the previous two causes above and has a fixed tolerance.  This can lead to an incorrect selection if multiple devices are within the snapping tolerance of the Responder tool.  It may be necessary at times to zoom in to a smaller extent and possibly disable the selection of some features if they are stacked very close to each other. For example, transformers that are very close to a support structure.


    Please contact Schneider Electric Customer Support if these solutions do not resolve the issue or if there are additional selection problems in Responder or any other ArcFM product.