ArcFM Advanced Labeling

Version 6

    Note: ArcFM Advanced Labeling was only tested through ArcFM 10.1. It is not recommended for clients on ArcFM 10.2.1 or later releases.


    ArcFM Advanced Labeling (AAL) allows you to label GIS features using related data. For example, you can label based on geodatabase relationships or data that is logically related to your features but which resides in an external database. Using AAL, you can also label based on spatial relationships, trace results, related Designer Compatible Units, or even real-time load flow streamed from DMS. AAL makes labeling faster, more dynamic, and improves data quality.


    The attached zip file contains the solution and project files for ArcFM Advanced Labeling. The ArcFMAdvancedLabeling_1010_4.exe has been compiled against ArcFM Solution 10.1. If you're using a different version of ArcFM Solution, you will need to recompile AAL solution. Please note that all of the free tools are unsupported by Schneider Electric Technical Support.


    Tips for developers:

    • When the end user pans or zooms the map to a new location, the FindLabel method is executed. This method resides in the ComplexLabelerParser class, which is in the ComplexLabelerFramework project.
    • If a particular label is not working properly, debug the GenerateString method on the corresponding class


    More information about Advanced Labeling: