Solution - Responder - Customer Count is Inaccurate for Multi-customer Locations

Version 8



    Responder may not correctly display the valid customer count on an incident if the incident contains loadpoints that have multiple customers assigned to them.  This can occur when calls are coming in on this loadpoint but does not include all the customers.




    In our testing, it appears the cause is from the connect_status field in the RX_CUSTOMERS table.  Most of Responder functionality will assume that a blank or NULL value is the same as connected, but the calculation of multiple customers on one location will need these values populated.




    The RX_CUSTOMERS table is populated through multiple methods, so an additional check, or step, will need to be done to ensure the valid information comes in through the CIS system generating the data.  An additional script can be run to convert any blanks to the normal status of connected, but it will need to be run after each import of the RX_CUSTOMERS table.  With new functionality coming in future releases, we've added an additional check in the web portal to notify Customer Service Reps that there is a problem with the connection status of a customer.


    2013-11-19_0918 - Windows Photo Viewer_2013-11-19_09-35-27.png


    The Responder Web Portal will prevent submission of these calls when they are entered through the portal, but this will not prevent the calls from arriving from another method such as a IVR / AMI Integration.


    Please contact Schneider Electric Customer Support if these values are already set and you are not seeing the correct customer counts on incidents.