Solution - ArcFM - Auto Updaters for Relationship Classes not Shown in ArcCatalog Autoupdaters Tab

Version 2



    In ArcFM 10.1.1 and 10.2, if the Autoupdater tab is selected when a relationship class is selected in the Catalog Tree of ArcCatalog, the message "Autoupdaters do not apply to the selected item" is shown in the tab. No auto updater information is displayed even if the relationship class has auto updaters assigned.




    The Autoupdaters tab is a new tab added in ArcFM 10.1.1. Functionality to display auto updaters for regular feature classes was included in this new tab, but has not been added for relationship classes yet. This will be added in a future ArcFM Solution release.



    The auto updaters for a relationship class may be viewed by using the previous method of right-clicking on the relationship class and selecting ArcFM Properties Manager.