How-To - Fiber Manager - Change the List of Tray Numbers Available in Connection Manager?

Version 7



    You can change or add to the list of Tray Numbers available in Connection Manager.


    Add the TrayNumber domain used by Connection Manager.

    1. Connect to the geodatabase in ArcCatalog.
    2. Right-click the geodatabase and click 'Properties'.
    3. Click the 'Domains' tab.
    4. Add the TrayNumber domain.  The spelling must be exact.
    5. Change the Domain Type to 'Coded Values'.
    6. Populate the code and Description fields.

    TrayNumber domain.jpg

    ***Note that Connection Manager displays only the numbers you provide in the Code fields, and ignores the values in the Description fields.

    Visit the ArcFM Solution Resource Center for information on creating the TrayNumber domain if it does not exist.

    ArcFM Solution Resource Center