Announcing the Overhead Design Analysis Release

Version 4

    Schneider Electric is excited to announce the release of Overhead Design Analysis (OHDA). OHDA gives you the ability to model the infrastructure of your overhead designs in a 3D space to examine and analyze all the variables that determine a safe design:

    • Analysis of the sag and tension of your cables under different environmental conditions and loads.
    • Verification that safe clearance distances are maintained between wires and whatever type of surface is below.
    • Structural analysis of the force placed on poles to ensure a sound infrastructure.
    • Evaluation of the effectiveness of guys and anchors in a design to safely counteract opposing forces placed on a pole.
    • Accounting for safety and reduction factors to confirm a safe design.  

    This initial release employs finite element calculations to provide highly precise force analysis of the infrastructure used in your overhead designs. Before your team ever sets a pole in the ground, you can determine the load effects that wind, ice, and temperature will have on your infrastructure. You will be able to make necessary changes before work begins in the field. If you're analyzing current design scenarios, you will know what repairs are necessary to ensure a safe system able to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

    Built for flexibility, you can configure most aspects of OHDA to meet your needs. OHDA ships with National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and California's General Order 95 (GO95) standards. You can also create your own standards you set to replicate any national, state, or local codes.


    Coupled with Designer, OHDA is able to pull designs straight from your design sketch. You can set up your database so that the compatible units used in Designer will be the same specs that define your infrastructure in OHDA, further accelerating the design process. The ability to leverage the existing data in your current geodatabase makes OHDA a truly indispensable tool.


    What can OHDA do for you?

    • You can model and analyze a complete overhead design ensuring it meets or exceeds set standards.
    • Accurately analyze the structural stability of your design using finite element calculations.
    • Determine the effects the environment will have on your designs.
    • You can configure nearly all aspects of the design analysis.
    • Replicate the specifications of all equipment in the field.
    • You can inspect completed designs and equipment in a fully navigable three-dimensional view port.
    • Import data directly from ArcMap and Designer.
    • You can run reports showing the data in an easy-to-read format.


    Software bundled with OHDA

    Assembly Creator:Model the exact assemblies used in the field. Create a library of assemblies that OHDA can use in your designs.
    Clearance Rules Tool:Easily change the specifications of your clearance distances between wires or the surfaces underneath.



    OHDA is available as an extension to ArcFM, Designer, or as a completely standalone product. Please contact us for licensing details.


    Visit the ArcFM™ Product Family Installer Downloads page to view any help files prior to installation. All documentation and configuration guides are also available online at the ArcFM Documentation Center.


    The installation files available for download behave as complete installations.