Post Show FTTH 2013

Version 2

    Rick Frymyer and Ryan Potts attended the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) conference on behalf of Schneider Electric.  FTTH is primarily focused on Software and Hardware designed to help build and operate Fiber to the Home networks.  One of the main themes present in the Software area was automated access network design.  This was really being driven by the current broadband stimulus projects in places like Australia and New Zealand.


    We had some good demonstrations and discussions with potential customers, business partners, and potential business partners.


    Our client, JEA of Jackson, TN, won the Chairman's Award from the Fiber to the Home Council for their EPlus broadband system!


    The conference is going to be moved to a different time of year next year.  They mentioned that they are also going to try and make it more family oriented, with the hopes that that will improve attendance.  It was pretty noticeable that less people were there this year than last.  I also noticed less international traffic at our booth than the last few years.