Solution - Designer - Replace Work Function Being Set on Banked Features

Version 4



    When a conductor info CU is set to the Remove work function, the related conductor is set to Replace instead of Remove.




    The REMOVEBANK model name is not set on the conductor feature class. When it is not set, the banked feature class will default to the Replace work function when any of its related conductor info objects are set to the Remove work function.




    Set the REMOVEBANK model name on the conductor feature class using these steps:


    1. Start ArcCatalog and connect to the database.
    2. Right click on the conductor feature class and select ArcFM Properties Manager.
    3. Select the Model Names tab.
    4. Select Designer Object Class Model Name from the Model Name Domain dropdown list.
    5. Select REMOVEBANK in the Available list and click the right arrow to move it to Selected list.
    6. Click OK.


    This applies to any banked features such as Transformer and Transformer Units. Banked features are identified by having the DESIGNBANK model name set on the parent bank feature, and the DESIGNUNIT model name set on the related info or unit record.