Changing a relationship class forward or backward path label

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    This is not specifically an ArcFM issue, but its annoying thing I've run into several times.  Maybe others have as well.


    Say you've just built a Geodatabase.  Maybe from a Visio UML schema, maybe some other way.  On detailed inspection you've found that either the forward or backward path label on one of your relationships is wrong.  (As might happen if you've copied/pasted relationship definitions in your Visio and not changed the path labels.)  Now these labels are just as their name implies, "labels".  Kind of like an alias name on a feature class or a field.  Difference is that you can't change the label through the ArcCatalog user interface.


    So... from here you could delete and re-create the relationship.  Or go back to the beginning and re-create the Geodatabase (if this came from Visio you should certainly update the Visio model.)  But, if its really inconvenient to do this, then ArcObjects offers a method to change the label.  Add the VBA code below to your ArcCatalog, connect it to a button and give it a go.


    Why something like this is not already in ArcCatalog I don't know.


    Also, this works as is for personal or file Geodatabases, for an SDE instance you may need to acquire a schema lock.  Haven't tested that part yet.




    Private Sub AlterRelationshipLabels()

        Dim gxApp As IGxApplication
        Dim gxObject As IGxObject

        Set gxApp = Application
        Set gxObject = gxApp.SelectedObject

        ' make sure something is selected
        If (Not (gxObject Is Nothing)) Then

            ' make sure data is selected
            If (Not TypeOf gxObject Is IGxDataset) Then
                MsgBox "Selected object is not a relationship class", vbInformation


                Dim gxDataset As IGxDataset
                Set gxDataset = gxObject
                Dim dataset As IDataset
                Set dataset = gxDataset.dataset
                If gxDataset.Type <> esriDTRelationshipClass Then
                    MsgBox "Selected object is not a relationship class", vbInformation

                    Dim relClass As IRelationshipClass
                    Set relClass = dataset
                    Dim relClassEdit As IRelClassSchemaEdit
                    Set relClassEdit = relClass
                    Dim vbResponse As VbMsgBoxResult
                    Dim sLabel As String
                    vbResponse = MsgBox("Old forward path label: " & relClass.ForwardPathLabel & _
                        " Change it? ", vbYesNo)
                    If (vbResponse = vbYes) Then
                        sLabel = InputBox("Enter new forward path label:", "Forward Path Label")
                        relClassEdit.AlterForwardPathLabel sLabel
                    End If
                    vbResponse = MsgBox("Old backward path label: " & relClass.BackwardPathLabel & _
                        " Change it? ", vbYesNo)
                    If (vbResponse = vbYes) Then
                        sLabel = InputBox("Enter new backward label:", "Backward Path Label")
                        relClassEdit.AlterBackwardPathLabel sLabel
                    End If       
                End If       
            End If
        End If
    End Sub