Solution - Designer - Material Cost is Zero in Cost Report

Version 4



    Material cost shows $0 in the Cost tab for a design in Workflow Manager even though the cost data for the CU in the design is set correctly.




    In the MM_WMS_WORK_FUNCTION table the APPLY_MATERIAL value is set to null for the Install work function. If this is set to null or 0, Designer will not use the cost associated with the CU in the material cost calculation for the design. The same applies for the other work functions and the APPLY_SCRAP value in this table.



    Set the value in APPLY_MATERIAL for the work function to 1. This setting will cause the cost information to appear in the cost report. Refer to the documentation for the MM_WMS_WORK_FUNCTION table for an explanation of these fields. For an example of settings for these fields, open the sample data WorkflowManager.mdb database in ArcCatalog and select the MM_WMS_WORK_FUNCTION table.