ArcFM Mobile AD Sync Tool

Version 13

    Because user roles are configured in Active Directory instead of ArcFM Mobile, you must synchronize users and their roles from AD to ArcFM Mobile for iPAD using the AD Sync Tool. Likewise the AD Sync Tool will remove AD users from ArcFM Mobile for iPad after you have removed them from ArcFM Mobile groups in AD.


    Download & Installation

    1. Click the ArcFM Mobile AD Sync Tool link at the bottom of this page to download the file.
    2. Choose to either Open or Save the zip file.
    3. Extract the files into a convenient directory.
    4. You do not need to install the tool. To run, double-click the InspectorSync.exe file.


    Please visit the ArcFM Mobile User Guide the most up-to-date instructions on using the ArcFM Mobile AD Sync Tool.


    Download File

    ArcFM Mobile AD Sync Tool