FAQ - ArcFM Server - How do I create a second out-of-the-box ArcFM Silverlight application?

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    How do I create a second out-of-the-box ArcFM Silverlight application.




    1. Browse down into the ...\inetpub\wwwroot\ArcFM\... directory and find ..\Silverlight\
    2. Copy the Silverlight directory and paste it in the same location.  Then rename it from 'Silverlight - Copy' to something else (such as 'SL_FL' for Silverlight Fault locator)
    3. Open up IIS Manager
    4. Expand the server node and right-click Default Web Site
    5. Click Add Application
      1. Set the Alias to the desired URL for the app.  If you want the URL to be http://<server>/ArcFM_FaultLocator this is where you will type in ArcFM_FaultLocator
      2. Set the Application Pool to ArcFMSilverlightPool
        1. Verify that it is using .NET Framework Version 4.0 and Integrated pipeline mode
      3. Hit the ellipsis button (...) to browse to a Physical path, and navigate to the ArcFMSilverlight.Web directory inside the directory created in step 2.
        1. So in the example above, the physical path is: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ArcFM\Silverlight_FaultLocator\ArcFMSilverlight.Web
      4. Verify settings and hit OK.  The settings will look similar to:



    This new app is accessible via http://<servername>/<Alias>, and will have its own page.config file, so configure as needed.