10.2 - Known Esri Issue for key functionality in ArcFM 10.2

Version 3

    During the 10.2 release testing, Schneider Electric identified an issue in ArcGIS Desktop that affects two of our products in a key way.  For many of our users, these two issues will not affect your ability to use ArcFM Solution applications, and so the 10.2 release is available as of September 4, 2013.  Read details below to see if you are willing to use the known work arounds until an Esri hotfix is available.


    Please read comments below for current status.


    NIM094369:  ArcMap drawing error occurs when using the trace tools from the Utility Network Analyst toolbar if a feature class with a join is visible in the map extent.


    Impacts to ArcFM Solution Products

    • Tracing with Feeder Manager 2.0 - In ArcMap, if you have turned on Feeder Manager 2.0, are performing a trace, and returning the results as a graphic, the application will throw an error and not display the results.  Joins are used heavily in Feeder Manager 2.0, which would make this quickly apparent.  Feeder Manager 1.0 results would also be affected if you have built joins for your display.
    • Responder Explorer - While in Responder, if you run a trace that will capture load points in the results, and you are returning results as a graphic, an error will display and results will not be drawn.


    Work Arounds

    • Tracing with Feeder Manager 2.0  - If only Feeder Manager 1.0 is configured in your data, and you do not have joins on your layers, this error will not occur.  If you return trace results as a selection (instead of as a graphic), this error will not occur.
    • Responder Explorer - If you return traces as a selection (instead of as a graphic), this error will not occur.


    Communication Plan

    • Schneider Electric will update the status of the patch every Monday by 4:00 pm, on this post.
    • The patch, once available, will be available from Esri, with reference information provided on this post on Schneider Electric's Exchange website.