Solution - ArcFM GDB Replication - Login failed when running Replication Server

Version 4



    Replication Server fails to connect to the server upon launch, although the credentials used work when configuring the replica in the Replication Administrator. The Miner event log contains errors akin to the following:


    Message: Process Framework Replica: Error in replica update, retry 1 of 5

    Exception Info:

    Login failed




    Prior to ArcFM 10.1, Replication Administrator would incorrectly encrypt the password used if it contained capital letters. When decrypted and applied to the login during Replication Server's execution the password would be incorrect and the login would fail. This was identified as bug MM47029 and fixed for ArcFM 10.1.




    There are two possible solutions to this issue:

    1. In the ArcFM Solution\bin directory, open up ReplicationConsole.exe.config with a text editor. Do a find for the failing replica's name, then a find for "password". This will direct you to the password property of the replica and the encrypted password. Replace the encrypted version with the password in plaintext. Replication will use the password without decrypting it and the login will now succeed.
    2. Change the password to not include any capital letters. Numbers and symbols can still be used, just not capital letters.