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Version 1

    Fiber Manager offers an escape from the traditional, file-based communications asset management system by providing you with rich GIS tools designed specifically to manage your communications network. It gives you the power to see your network in a geospatial context, do marketing analysis, plan network expansions, and operate your network in a more efficient manner.


    Using the Connection Manager tool, you can quickly inspect existing connectivity or create new connections, allowing intuitive management and display of your network connectivity. Circuit Manager lets you create named paths in your physical plant, allowing simple tracking of important customer data paths within your network. Many types of reports are also available to display and communicate network data to other stakeholders in your organization.


    As communications networks become ever more important in our highly connected world, service providers need advanced, geospatially focused tools to help them plan, design, and operate their 21st Century networks. Let Fiber Manager light the way.