exchange: why join?

Version 4

    Membership has its privileges. While exchange is open to everyone for browsing, registered members of exchange can engage in meaningful activity (e.g. commenting on posts, posing questions, sending direct messages, contributing user content, establishing personal bookmarks, etc..) in every corner of the community. Registration empowers you to take action and it is through action that you maximize your exchange experience.


    Step inside exchange as a registered user and Follow Your Peers to see who you might already know inside the community.  These relationships will prove beneficial regardless of your role within your organization. Register to Ask Your Question not just of your Schneider Electric team but of your entire Utilities GIS community.  Remember there is power in peers (especially really smart ones).  Respond to questions posed by other community members based on your deep knowledge of our technical solutions. Find Your Answers to challenging questions by searching our extensive knowledge base. Submit Your Ideas to add your voice to influence and shape our product development through open crowd ideation. Finally, register in exchange and bring your deep knowledge of our software solutions to the community by Sharing Your Knowledge.


    So much value,  just a few clicks away. Go ahead. Register today.