Solution - ArcFM - Abandon Auto Updater is Set but not Functioning

Version 3



    The ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog shows that an Autoupdater is assigned or that a feature is set up to abandon, but it does not work correctly. Autoupdaters are not running as expected or the feature is not abandoning per the settings in the Properties Manager. This may affect all or only a few subtypes of a given feature.



    The feature may not be an ArcFM feature class. This can be verified in ArcCatalog by double-clicking on a feature and looking at the Type of the feature class on the General tab. The feature class type should start with ArcFM or Designer (i.e Designer Simple Junction Feature). ArcFM Properties may have been imported using an XML that was incorrect. This may occur when exporting/importing properties from databases with different schemas, from PGDB/FGDB  to SDE, or Oracle to SQL Server when you have not chosen and modified the appropriate stylesheet.




    Unassign the autoupdater or abandon property and click Apply, and then re-apply the setting. Alternatively, redo the import of properties using a stylesheet, as described in the Appendix of the Configuring the ArcFM Solution Help file under Appendix > XML Stylesheets. Choose the stylesheet appropriate for the import/export scenario. In many cases modification of the stylesheet with a text editor is necessary to match the data schema names used by your organization.