Cool Tools, Absolutely Free!

Version 32

    This list provides links to free tools that you may find useful.  These tools are not supported by Schneider Electric technical support.


    General Geodatabase Configuration and Maintenance


    Fiber Manager


    Network Configuration and Maintenance



    Developer Tools

    • BitGateExtractor.exe: A very helpful utility for identifying set bits in any of the many ArcFM Bitgate fields.
    • Code Searcher: Search multiple files for matching text.
    • Resource Hog: Slow your computer to mimic sub-optimal user environments for testing purposes.
    • Memory Monitor App: Track a window's memory use while you run tests.
    • Bugzilla: Free, fast, and easy to use web-based software for bug tracking.



    Data Analysis Tools

         (Although these tools provide additional functionality for end users, installation and implementation of these tools will likely require admin assistance.)



    Tools for Prior Releases

    • ArcFM Advanced Labeling: ArcFM Advanced Labeling (AAL) allows you to label GIS features using related data. (Note: AAL is not recommended for releases after 10.1)
    • ArcFM for Silverlight Configuration Tool: Simplifies the maintenance of relationships between map services and layer IDs and offers a simple user interface to administering the page.config file when configuring the ArcFM for Silverlight web application.
    • ArcGIS Diagrammer for 10.1: This productivity tool creates, edits, and analyzes a geodatabase schema. Contains Geodatabase Designer reporting tools.


    All free tools are not supported by Schneider Electric Technical Support.