Tech Paper - ArcFM Server Installation: 10.1 and later

Version 6

    The ArcFM Server environment can be scaled to match your ArcGIS for Server installation, whether it be a single machine installation or multi-machine deployment. Figure 1 shows an overview of an ArcGIS site with one or more GIS servers.



    Figure 1, ArcGIS Server site architecture


    ArcFM Server Installation

    1. The ArcFM Server 10.1 setup installs a Server Object Extension (SOE) component by default. The ArcFM SOE must be installed on any machine that has ArcGIS for Server installed.

      The optional Developer Resources component installs the interops and .NET assemblies.


      Figure 2, Installation Components
    2. During setup, the ArcFM Server installer will request the location of your license server and port. Enter the relevant data in the corresponding fields. You can access this dialog again after installation by going to Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\bin\Miner.Server.LicenseServer.exe.


      Figure 3, License server request dialog
    3. Once installation is complete, a dialog opens to request that you register a server object extension (SOE). Enter the ArcGIS Manager user name and password in the appropriate fields. The Manager Address field should point to the root of your ArcGIS site, the default being localhost on port 6080. You can provide an instance name in the ArcGIS Server Manager Address field if you so desire (this defaults to arcgis). Click the Browse button to locate the extension you want to register. The default location of the standard object extension is at Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\bin\Miner.Server.soe.

      If you need to access this dialog again, you can run the executable at Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\bin\Miner.Server.RegisterSOE.exe.

      2015-07-02 09_18_44-Register Server Object Extension.png

      Figure 4, SOE registration
    4. Once you have entered the correct data, click the Register button. The server  object extensions are uploaded, registered, and applied to any existing services. A checkmark indicates successful completion of each process.


            Figure 5, SOE registration status


    The ArcFM Desktop Administrator displays the number of ArcFM Server licenses available. A license is necessary for each ArcFM SOE installation. If you have installed ArcGIS for Server on multiple machines, you will need multiple ArcFM Server licenses. The steps for enabling a license for a map service are discussed below.


    Using the Desktop Administrator, point to the appropriate server in the Floating License Server field to retrieve the ArcFM Server license.



       Figure 6, Desktop Administrator

    Any map service using ArcFM data requires an ArcFM Server license to be enabled using the ArcFM Map Server capability. Any map services that exist at the time of the ArcFM Server installation will automatically have the ArcFM Server License enabled. Any new map services that are added after the installation will require the ArcFM Server License to be manually enabled. This can be done in ArcGIS Server Manager by following these steps:

    1. Log in to ArcGIS Server Manager.
    2. Click the service.
    3. Select the Capabilities option on the left side of the page. A list of capability checkboxes appears. At the bottom of this list is ArcFMMapServer.
    4. Select the ArcFMMapServer checkbox to enable. Clear it to disable.
    5. Click Save and Restart.



       Figure 7, Service Capabilities