FAQ - Case Reporting for ADMS and OASyS SCADA Products

Version 21

    Hello and welcome to exchange.

    Schneider Electric has launched a new, unified, single source online community for you, our clients, and partners. We call it exchange.  We conceived and built exchange to be a gathering place for talented, passionate, and committed individuals who care tremendously about utilities, energy, GIS, and so much else. Clients, partners, and prospective customers will have nearly unfettered access to all aspects of exchange. Certain areas (e.g. private groups for clients on current maintenance, private places for current members of the Schneider Electric Channel Partner Program, etc.) will be walled off to registered members of the community; however, the foundational tenet of this community is "open exchange" (hence what we think is a pretty clever name), and that is best accomplished through transparency.


    With the launch of exchange, we’ve consolidated and subsequently retired a multitude of disparate websites we’ve presented to you in the past.  One of the systems that has been replaced is the EBSuite Support Portal. All support activities will now happen within exchange.


    Beginning September 19, 2013, all technical support issues need to be submitted through exchange. Take the first step toward your new exchange experience by registering with the community. Registration is easy and takes only a few clicks of your mouse.

    We built exchange for one reason:  because you, our Schneider Electric clients and partners, deserve to be at the center of everything we do.


    Who can log a case?


    Customers under warranty or who have purchased a Maintenance & Support contract can utilize the 'Log a Case' functionality. We allow our customers to direct us as to who is allowed to log cases within their organization.


    How do I get access?

    For those in a traditional support role for your organization, you will receive an invitation to your organization's private group within 8 business hours of registration. The notification will arrive in your exchange Inbox . Once you have received and accepted the invitation to your private group, you will see the group appear in "Places". You can also search for your organization by name in the global search field in the upper right corner of any page. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please message Ivan Antochiw (click on the name to go to the profile, then on "Send a Message" link on the right hand side:



    If you have not received an invitation to your organization's private group within 8 business hours, please e-mail ivan.antochiw@schneider-electric.com. If you have a critical issue and have a 24/7 Support contract, please call us at 888-863-6796.


    Many of our users aren't in a traditional support role, but also need access to log cases.  If you believe you should have access but did not receive the private group invitation, please start a discussion with Ivan Antochiw


    Now that I have access, how do I log a Case?


    On your organization's private group overview page, you will see the 'Log a Case' button. Clicking this button will provide a form for you to complete and submit your case. Once your case has been submitted you will automatically be taken to the case view. This is the interactive thread that you will use to manage your case. From the case you can provide new details, ask questions to the support engineer, read correspondence from the support engineer and even upload additional files pertinent to the case. Click HERE for more detailed instructions.


    How do I view and manage existing cases?


    Existing or newly entered cases can be reviewed on the overview page of your organization's private group. You can find your organization's private group in Places (at the top of every page) or by searching for your organization by name in the "Spotlight search"  field at the top right of any page.



    An important note about the future, expanded representation for ADMS and OASyS SCADA in exchange:


    We have taken a purposefully scaled approach to the launch of our new exchange community. That approach is driven by a roadmap- phase one of which centered on GIS and RTUs, and our corresponding product offerings in the ArcFM Solution suite and the SAGE line, respectively for the launch of exchange on August 28, 2013.


    Phase two of the exchange roadmap has now been released.  As of September 29, 2014 we are live with phase 2.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.