What's New in 2.1.2?

Version 1

    This page outlines what's new in the 2.1.2 release. This release includes the ArcFM Silverlight Viewer and the software developer kit (SDK). The API Changes section below outlines API changes that may impact customizations. ArcFM Silverlight Viewer 2.1.2 requires ArcGIS API for Microsoft Silverlight/WPF v2.1. ArcFM for Silverlight 2.1.2 is compatible with ArcFM Server 10.0.2.


    System Requirements

    Upgrade ArcFM for Silverlight

    If you've used proxy.config and proxy.ashx to set up a proxy in a previous release, you will need to replace proxy.ashx. This file has been updated with the 2.1.2 release. By default, this file is installed here: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ArcFM\SilverlightSample\ArcFMSilverlightSample.Web. After installation, copy it from this location and overwrite any existing proxy.ashx file.

    What's New in ArcFM for Silverlight?

    • The 2.1.2 release provides tracing functionality for electric, gas and water in the ArcFM Silverlight sample application. These traces include valve isolation traces as well as the ability to place temporary marks. These tools must be configured before they can be used.
    • In the ArcFM Silverlight sample application, the Toggle Layers tool now uses a new control that displays the individual layers in each map service.
    • You can determine whether the Identify tool respects client-side or server-side visibility in your custom web application or in the ArcFM Silverlight sample application.
    • The Interactive Examples site now has a new tracing example: Electric Outage Customer Report. This is a trace that returns a list of customers (names and account numbers) that may be impacted by an outage.
    • The Relationship Service developer sample illustrates how to implement the IRelationshipService interface to bring in custom data and display it as a relationship for a particular feature class.