What's New in 2.1.1?

Version 2

    This page outlines what's new in the 2.1.1 release. This release includes the ArcFM Silverlight Viewer and the software developer kit (SDK). The API Changes section below outlines API changes that may impact customizations. ArcFM for Silverlight 2.1.1 is compatible with ArcFM Server 10.0.1.


    System Requirements


    What's New in the Sample Application?

    • When configuring an ArcGISImageServiceLayer type layer for use with the ArcFM Silverlight Viewer, you can now use the NoData parameter. This parameter removes the black area from around the image when it's displayed in the web application. The ArcGISImageServiceLayer section at the bottom of the Configure Layers page discusses how to set up image layers using this parameter.
    • The ArcFM Silverlight Viewer offers a Map Inset Viewer that allows you to zoom into a portion of the map in a smaller window without changing the main display. A corresponding red box in the main display illustrates the area of the map you're zoomed into. This tool appears on the ArcFM Server Viewer toolbar.
    • The Navigate to Coordinates tool supports custom WKT projection. In the past it supported only WKID projection. This is no longer the case.
    • A new toggle button allows the user to determine whether relationships are included in the export to Excel. The Export Relationships to Excel tool is discussed on the Map Display page.
    • The Attribute Details tool displays additional information, including the relationship structure, for a selected feature. This tool also allows you to view the attributes of objects related to the selected feature.


    What's New in the API?

    • The ExportToExcel class now allows the inclusion of relationships in the export.
    • A number of objects (e.g., RelationshipInformation, Search, etc.) now include a ProxyUrl property that allows you to pass in a proxy URL when necessary.
    • The RowDetails object now displays all relationships on the given object.


    API Changes

    The following API changes may impact your custom web applications.

    If you've created a custom relationship service using IRelationshipService in a past release, you will need to recreate it at 2.1.1. This release brings the following modifications:

    • The ExecuteCompleted method now returns RelationshipEventArgs (rather than ResultEventArgs). This allows the application to accurately correlate ObjectIDs passed in with the results returned.
    • The GetRelationshipsAsync method now has an optional parameter to specify spatial reference.

    In 2.1.1, results sets are now returned with consistent types. The following changes will impact your custom web application if it adds or removes on ICollection or IList, or if indexing exists on either of these.

    • The Results property on TaskResultEventArgs is an IEnumerable object (formerly ICollection object).
    • The Results property on ResultEventArgs is an IEnumerable object (formerly IList object).
    • The Results property on the Identify and Locate controls is an IEnumerable object (formerly IList object).
    • The Results property on the Attribute Viewer is an IEnumerable object (formerly IList object).