Sample - Folder Subtasks

Version 1

    Versions: 10.1

    Product Availability: ArcFM Desktop (Designer)


    This tool offers the ability to store documents and associate them with a particular work request using two new subtasks. The Create Folder subtask creates a folder with the name of the Work Request ID. You may store inside this directory any documents pertinent to the work request. The Open Folder subtask opens the folder in Windows Explorer. You can assign these subtasks to an existing task on the Design or Work Request nodes.

    1. Register DesignerFolderTools.dll using the RegX.exe utility provided with ArcFM. The DLL should be registered with codebase. By default the RegX.exe utility is installed here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\Bin.


    1. Next, add the custom subtasks to an existing task. Open the Process Framework Administrator and select the Node Types tab.
    2. Select the Design or WorkRequest node type, choose the task to which you want to assign the subtasks (e.g., Create Design) and click Properties.
    3. Locate the Create Folder and Open Folder subtasks in the Available Subtasks list and double-click them to add to the Selected Subtasks list.
    4. In the Selected Subtasks list, choose the Create Folder subtask and click the Base Path parameter. In the Parameter Values field, enter the path to the location where you want the folder created.
    5. Next, select the Open Folder subtask and its Base Path Parameter. In the Parameter Values field, enter the path to the folder.
    6. Click OK.


    1. Close the Process Framework Administrator.
    2. In Workflow Manager, execute the task to which you assigned the subtasks (either through ArcMap or the stand-alone Workflow Manager). When the task is executed a new folder is created and named with the Work Request ID, and then that folder is opened in Windows Explorer. Here, you can store documents you wish to associate with the work request.