Sample - Display Conduit Configuration

Version 1

    Versions: 9.3.1 - 10.1

    Product Availability: ArcFM Desktop


    This developer sample illustrates how to read a Blob field. The sample creates a tool that displays the conduit configuration when the user selects a single conduit and clicks the Conduit Configuration button.

    How to Implement:

    1. You may modify the code sample. This step is not required.
    2. Compile the code sample.

    How to Use:

    1. Add the Read Conduit Configuration tool to a toolbar. Select this tool from the list on the Commands tab in the Customize menu.
    2. Select a single conduit. No other features may be selected.
    3. Click the Read Conduit Configuration tool. This displays a message box that shows the configuration information for a duct. Click OK to see the configuration for the next duct or Cancel to dismiss the dialog.




    All of the files shown below are required for the project to compile successfully.


    Miner.Samples.ConduitManager.csprojC# project containing the code to generate the Display Conduit Configuration tool.
    ReadConduitConfiguration.csThis class module that reads the Conduit Configuration (BLOB) field.
    AssemblyInfo.csClass module to support the tool