Sample - Autotext Elements: Linked Data Frames

Version 2

    Versions: 9.3.1 -current

    Product Availability: ArcFM Desktop


    This autotext element will pan a data frame called "Vicinity" to the center of the extent of another data frame. The polygon feature being plotted by ArcFM Map Production tools will be used to find the center point of the extent being plotted. This center point will then be used to pan the "Vicinity" data frame.




    How to Implement:

    1. You may modify the code sample. This step is not required.
    2. Compile the code sample.

    How to Use:

    1. Open ArcMap and select the Layout view.
    2. Create an additional data frame called "Vicinity." Select Insert > Data Frame. This data frame is necessary for the autotext element to function.
    3. Add data to the new data frame. In the example above, only the MapGrid feature class was added to the Vicinity data frame. This allows the user to see which map grids are in the viewing area. In the example, the map grids are labeled with the Map Sheet Name. Remember to enable labeling for the polygon feature class.
    4. Right-click the Vicinity data frame and select Properties.
    5. In the Properties window select the Data Frame tab and set a Fixed Scale. Click OK.
    6. Select Insert > ArcFM Autotext > Pan 'Vicinity' Map (C#).
    7. Activate the original data frame (NOT "Vicinity"). If the "Vicinity" data frame is activated when you save the document, the selected polygon feature may appear to contain no features.
    8. Access the Stored Items drop down on the ArcFM Solution toolbar to save the layout as a document.
    9. When you open a map set, assign this ArcFM document on the Options tab. Changes in the Vicinity data frame are evident when plotting or previewing a map book. Currently this autotext element works only with Map Production. It does not work if the user displays the Layout view and selects Print or Print Preview from the File menu.


    All of the files shown below are required for the project to compile successfully.


    Miner.Samples.AutoText.LinkDataFrames.csprojC# project containing the code to generate a custom autotext element
    LinkDataFrames.csProvides an example of a custom autotext element
    AssemblyInfo.csClass module to support the autotext element