The Premium Support Program for the ArcFM Solution: Extended Support & Maintenance (ESM)

Version 4

    Our Standard/Core Support & Maintenance program provides valuable services and receives very positive feedback.


    However, it does have a few limitations. Many of our clients have benefited greatly from supplementing their Standard Maintenance agreement with the higher, more personalized level of service that our premium support program, Extended Support & Maintenance (ESM) provides.


    Some highlights of ESM include:

    • Technical Account Manager (TAM) designated to you who is intimately familiar with your environment, implementation, configuration, custom extensions/integrations, personnel and processes
    • Maintenance of custom extensions/integrations, including defect resolution, enhancements, and new development
      • Code is managed in a secure repository using a Continuous Integration methodology
    • Replica of your environment hosted at HQ
    • Secure Live Remote Support
    • Core Product Patch Testing
    • Troubleshooting Support for Non-ArcFM Solution Software
    • Database and ArcSDE Performance Tuning
    • Database Support and Health Checkups
    • Custom Tool Development
    • Onsite or Remote committed hours and dedicated resources


    Follow this document and our GIS Support space to learn more about the benefits of this program and the success our clients are having with it. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them here or contact your AE (Account Executive). If you are a current ESM client, tell the exchange community what you think about ESM, or how we can improve!