Sample - Export Namer

Version 4

    Versions: 10.0.1 - current

    Product Availability: ArcFM Desktop, ArcFM Engine


    This implementation of IMMNamer provides an example of a component that returns a file name based on Feature OIDs for use with ArcFM Map Production. When the user exports a map book, each exported map set file is named according to the Namer object (e.g., Map Set_oid_1075.bmp).


    How to Implement:

    1. You may modify the code sample. This step is not required.
    2. Compile the code sample.
    3. In ArcMap, the custom namer object will be available for selection in the ArcFM Map Book Editor (in ArcMap).

    How to Use:

    1. Open the Map Book Explorer in ArcMap and open a map book.
    2. Select a map set and click Edit.
    3. Click the Options tab in the Map Book Editor.
    4. Select your custom export namer in the File Export Naming Object field.



    1. Click Apply to save the change.
    2. To view the export namer in action, select at least one map sheet on the Maps tab and click Apply to save changes. Then right click the map set and select Export. The exported files will be named using the convention applied by the custom export namer. For example, Electric - 500 scale.emf_oid_637.0.emf. This is the name of the map set (Electric - 500), followed by the OID of the selected map sheet (637).

    Notes: When using custom tools that work with Map Production, it is important to note that C# code that uses event handlers to listen to Map Production events must provide a handler for all event procedures or ArcMap will crash when any of those events are fired.



    All of the files shown below are required for the solution to build successfully.


    SampleExportNamer.csprojC# project containing the code to generate a custom export namer for Map Production.
    SampleExportNamer.csReturns a file name based on the Feature OID.