2013 Q3 Orbit Services, Portal, and Tools Release Notes

Version 9

    What is Orbit Mobile?

    Orbit Mobile is a suite of native mobile clients apps for multiple form factors including Windowss 7 and iPad.  Please see separate documents "Orbit Mobile Release Notes...".

    What is the Orbit Portal?

    The Orbit Portal is a web application for management of Orbit, hosted in a Microsoft data center.

    • The Orbit Portal provides administrator functionality for Orbit, including configuration of geospatial services and users.
    • Additional task management functionality allows a coordinator to design, create, and assign tasks.

    What are Orbit Services? Orbit Services provide access control, processing, and storage of task data in a Microsoft data center.

    • Orbit Services provide secure access to hosted functionality and data through REST APIs.
    • The services-oriented architecture of Orbit allows integrations and customizations to leverage the same services leveraged by Orbit Mobile and Orbit Portal

    What are Orbit Tools? Orbit Tools assist customers in integrating Orbit into their business processes, and can be downloaded from the Orbit space in Exchange.

    • The Orbit ArcMap Tools allow a GIS user to create and assign tasks in Orbit based on a feature selection, and to join map features to task results for symbolization and labeling.
    • The Orbit Excel Tools allow an analyst to import Orbit task results to Excel for creation of custom reports.
    • The Orbit Tile Package Uploader assists an administrator in uploading tile packages to Orbit for use as base maps.
    • The Orbit AD Sync Tool enables automatic syncronization of Active Directory user and group policies to Orbit.


    Orbit Services, Portal, and Tools Release - September 12, 2013

    What's new in Orbit Services?

    • Reliability: Improved error handling, isolation of external references, and retry polices for more reliable services.

    What's new in Orbit Tools?

    • ArcGIS Server: The Orbit ArcGIS Tools (formerly the Orbit ArcMap Tools) now support display of Orbit data in ArcGIS Server maps.


    Orbit Services, Portal, and Tools Release - August 23, 2013

    What's new in Orbit Services?

    • Eventing: Orbit Services now allow a custom service outside of Orbit to listen to events occurring within Orbit.  This enables an implementer to add secure integrations and custom logic to Orbit.  For example, a custom process can detect that a water main valve inspection task was completed by an inspector with a Needs Repair property of true.  The custom process can generate a new work order in Orbit and assign it to maintenance personnel.

    What's new in Orbit Tools?

    • User Authentication: The Orbit ArcMap Tools now require user authentication for connections to Orbit.  This is a security improvement, as previously authentication was based on an API key configured for the tools.


    Orbit Services, Portal, and Tools General Availability Release - July 1, 2013


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