Learn More: SAGE

Version 2

    SAGE is specifically designed for utility applications. You can count on every model of Schneider Electric’s SAGE Smart RTU family to reflect industry-best technology, giving you the reliable network data performance your Smart Grid needs. Each SAGE RTU provides the same browser-based user interface for easy configuration and setup. Each offers IED integration, NERC CIP security, IEC 61131-based logic functions, a large communications protocol library, and many industry applications such as Cap Bank Control, Fault Isolation, Alarm Display, and more.


    The SAGE product line consists of five models of hardware. All five share the same CPU and the same software tools for configurations and applications. This makes the SAGE equipment easier to use and maintain. While all five models share the same software capabilities the hardware is targeted at specific applications with the intent of keeping costs and physical size constraints as optimal as possible.


    Also, the Schneider Electric Substation Integration Solutions (SIS) Engineering and Services Team offers a wide range of support services to either complement your in house capabilities or to support your RTUs on a turnkey basis.