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Version 3

    The assets in your utility infrastructure are more than vital to your business. They are your business. That's why Schneider Electric's ArcFM provides you the power to visualize, navigate and manage the equipment in your utility network in one reliable solution.


    Tracing tools allow you to traverse the distribution network, identify a protective device, isolate a valve, and highlight a cathodic protection system. ArcFM's editing tools make it easy to modify the data to reflect the equipment in the field. Validation rules help ensure that the data in your network remains accurate.


    Your asset data is important. Don't risk data corruption and an inaccurate view of your network. Trust ArcFM to maintain the integrity of your asset data.


    ArcFM  just the tip of the iceberg. Check out these related applications and extensions:


    ArcFM Viewer gives you easy access to your GIS data in a powerful but inexpensive application. Run on Esri's ArcView, ArcFM Viewer gives you the ability to quickly and easily navigate, query and display your utility network.


    Conduit Manager lets you plan, design, and analyze your underground conduit system. Visualize diagrams of underground structures, such as manholes and the ducts and associated conductors within. Conduit Manager is an extension to ArcFM and leverages your existing ArcFM data to make managing your underground assets as efficient as possible.


    Let Network Adapter be the interface between your ArcFM Solution application and your third-party analysis engine. You can export a feeder (or multiple feeders), perform analysis in a third-party application such as DMS, then import the results back into ArcFM, Designer, or Responder. Network Adapter eliminates the need to maintain data in two separate systems.


    Geodatabase Manager automates and schedules the dual tasks of reconciling and posting, with a comprehensive, configurable workflow that enforces QA and other business rules — augmented by a powerful conflict resolution process.  Any versioned, enterprise ArcSDE environment — including landbase and non-utility geodatabases - can benefit from Geodatabase Manager.