exchange explained

Version 6

    exchange: what

    A new, unified, single source online community for you - our clients, partners, and prospective customers...

    Regarding all things utilities - GIS Products, Infrastructure Products, Oil & Gas Products, Smart Grid Products, Water Products, and their associated support sites, with more to come in the future.  This is both a consolidation of the multitude of disparate, siloed web sites we’ve presented to you in the past, as well an entirely new web experience emphasizing universal access, a highly personalized feel, and a concerted focus on interaction, not merely "push" content.


    exchange: who

    A gathering of incredibly talented, passionate, and committed individuals who care tremendously about utilities, GIS, energy, and so much else...

    Clients, partners, and prospective customers will have nearly unfettered access to all aspects of exchange. Certain areas (e.g. private groups for clients on current maintenance, private places for current members of the Schneider Electric Channel Partner Program, etc.) will be walled off to appropriate members, however the foundational tenet of this community is "open exchange" (hence what we think is a pretty clever name), and that is best accomplished through transparency.


    exchange: why

    Because you deserve to be at the center of everything we do...

    When it comes to support, product development, education, information, documentation, peer engagement, events, collateral, and more. And because we, at Schneider Electric, subscribe to a declaration of interdependence comprised of three immutable facts:

    • None of us is as smart as all of us
    • There is power in peers
    • We exist to listen, engage, and act


    Welcome to our new normal, welcome to exchange.

    Register today, and join the experience.