Welcome to exchange...Now What?

Version 7

    You’ve taken the first step towards the center.  We've assembled these suggestions for getting underway with your exchange experience.

    Let's get started with the “Big Three”.


    Just a few pieces of information will get you started in the exchange community. We will not use or store your email address for anything other than sending you information you request from the community. No spam here.


    Complete your profile
    Provide as much or as little background information about yourself and your company.


    Set Preferences
    Determine how you prefer to keep up-to-date with happenings in the community. Love email updates? The community can send a note to your inbox every time something that interests you occurs in the community.


    You’re now ready to experience everything that exchange has to offer.

    • Follow people, places, and content in the community that interest you to get notified when others publish content you want to see. Following people establishes connections and helps build your network.
    • Start a discussion in the community about something that interests you, or reply to an open discussion
    • 'Like' a discussion or document to promote it within the community.
    • Use the bookmark feature to tag items that you find helpful so you can easily find them later.
    • Customize your home page to easily focus on the areas, topics, tags and people that interest you.
    • Offer ideas for enhancing our products and vote on ideas that have been submitted by others in exchange
    • Members of our GIS family are encouraged to request to join a Product Advisory Group (PAG) to help shape the future of our products. Similarly, we encourage Energy Profiler Online, Oil & Gas, Smart Grid, and WeatherSentry customers to join their respective Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Watch recent videos of past meetings and demonstrations of our latest product functionality.
    • Review technical documentation geared towards the end user, the administrator and the software developer, all in a single community
    • Download not only our latest GIS software releases and patches  and SAGE firmware but also some cool tools and developer sample code
    • Explore our rich library of product How-To’s, FAQs, and Solutions inside GIS Support and Oil & Gas Support
    • Expand your knowledge about all things ArcFM by visiting Education


    That’s just a sampling of what exchange offers. We invite you to visit exchange Help for more information about exchange. We’ll provide you with suggestions on how to maximize your time in the community.