FAQ - ArcFM GDBReplication - In Mobile, for new features, does OID always match ServerOID?

Version 4



    What is the relationship between OID and ServerOID with XML packets in Mobile?




    In the Backdrop, the OID and serverOID will typically match, but don't always. Features which were created on the enterprise after the backdrop was put into use, and then imported into the backdrop will definitely not have a match between OID and ServerOID. And features created on the backdrop shouldn't actually exist in the backdrop. They should be written to XML with a negative ServerOID to reflect their creation-in-the-field status, imported into enterprise and given a real/permanent OID and then exported back out to the field later in a subsequent Replication Server run, at which point the feature in the backdrop will likely not have the OID = the ServerOID, though the ServerOID will match the OID of the feature in the enterprise.


    A few quick rules which should help are as follows:

    • When OID and ServerOID are equal, that should be an existing feature that existed when the data was extracted.
    • When ServerOID is 0, this is a feature and didn't exist at the time of extraction.
    • When ServerOID is a negative value, this is a feature created in the field and the ServerOID corresponds to the negative of the backdrop feature's OID.