How-To - ArcFM - Enable Detailed Logging with ArcFM License Manager

Version 5



    Supposing a user would like to enable more-detailed ArcFM License Server logging, this may be accomplished by following the steps below.  These steps will will cause the License Server to log successful license checkout time, the license checked out, the license checkin time and the user performing the checkout and checkin.


    1. Browse to the directory to which the License Server is installed.  The default directory is:
      C:\Program Files\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\LicenseServer on a 32-bit machine
      or C:\Program Files(x 86)\Miner and Miner\ArcFM Solution\LicenseServer on a 64-bit machine
    2. Open the file Miner.LicenseManagement.LicenseService.exe.config in a text editor.
    3. Change the value for the configuration/log4net/root/level node to 'INFO'
    4. Save the file.  The logging information can be found in LicenseService.log in the same folder.
    5. Restart the ArcFM Solution License Manager service.
      1. Note:  restarting this service will disconnect anyone who currently has a license checked out and they will lose their unsaved work.  It is recommended that this be done after hours or during a period of scheduled downtime.